Virtual Budapest tour


I was in Budapest recently and captured a few famous sites in a photosphere. Download these photospheres and combine it with Google Cardboard and its app, and you will be instantly transported to Budapest (well, almost.)

What is a photosphere?

Normal photos show just a single viewpoint while photo spheres welcome others to freely look up, down, and all around to explore the entire scene. Click here for more information and where to find more photospheres to play with.

What is Google cardboard?

Google cardboard is a cheap and simple way to use your existing mobile device to experience virtual reality. The other major players in the virtual reality field is Oculus Rift or SteamVR or the more similar Samsung's Gear VR. Google cardboard has various flavours and can be had for $10 to $30 on Amazon here. It by no means is as impressive (field of view, refresh rate, etc.) as the others listed but it's a great introduction to virtual reality which I believe is the future for entertainment or consumption of media.

You can find all the photospheres for download here.

Let me know what your thoughts are and whether you're looking for more information regarding these photos!
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