Simplify and improve your writing with FoxType

Writing and editing takes quite a bit of time and effort. Why not let data and machine learning help you do it? With FoxType, you can learn how to get your point across in simpler and more precise sentences.

What is FoxType?
  • FoxType is an online tool that is known for checking the politeness of your messages
  • The software looks for common phrases and types of words
  • It then scores your message with a a so-called politeness percentage
  • The Gmail extension also offers suggestions to make your messages more polite
  • It now also has a suite a tools to help you become a better writer
Other than the politeness measure that it's known for, it now has the following tools in its suite of products:


Helps you be a more precise writer by:
  • Removing modifier phrases
  • Shorten long noun phrases or remove them
  • Splitting long sentences
  • Avoiding rambling
  • Using a rambling voice to avoid confusion

A normal thesaurus might provide you a list of similar words where as this tool visualize the closeness of your words.


Writing an email or a note? Compose will help you come up with alternate phrases, grade you on the politeness of the message, whether it's a clear call to action and how long it will take a reader to read it. What else can I say but try it out!

Sentence Tree

You can type anything here to visualize its grammatical structure. Great way to visualize how the AI is thinking and could be a good teaching tool for learning English.


"Never use a long word when a short word will do" - George Orwell.

This tool analyzes your text and finds words rates them as very common to rare. Then you can use their suggestions to find a more common word to get your point across. You write to be understood and there's no reason to use a complicated word when a simpler one would do.
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